Week 1 – The wrap up

We are finally here and SolaceCoin has been launched. Everything has escalated much faster than we anticipated.

This is the start of a great project and we are hoping to build a great community that has an open heart to others.

This week has been very busy and it will probably not change for us very soon, luckily we have started to build a great community within 2 days. We know we cannot do it without our community and we really appreciate that everyone has stepped in to help others. We will focus actively on building our community.

Without much sleep and constant work, we have done the following in our first week.

  • Deploying SolaceCoin(Working)
  • CLI Wallet(Working)
  • Website launch(Early stage launch, lot’s of work still in progress)
  • Bitcointalk Forum Announcement
  • Communicating with several exchanges(Work in progress)
  • GUI Wallet(We are currently working on fixing minor errors)

We are currently waiting for feedback from a few exchanges and we will keep you up to date with any feedback. The GUI wallet should be ready for those that prefer it soon. We have launched our website however, we will still have lots of work to do on it.

We have heard this question numerously, why are we going to an exchange so soon? Without an active exchange, we cannot support those in need. Our main focus now and always will be to help charitable causes in need of medical attention.

We have been asked by the community to make SolaceCoin ASIC resistant, this is part of our plan in the very near future, in fact, we are currently working on it.

We will continue giving an update every Thursday. For now, we would like to thank our community, we cannot do it without you.

That’s it for our weekly update, please keep an eye on all of our social channels if you need any other information.

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